Friday, July 25, 2008

Black Kids On Letterman

The Blacks Kids made their "network debut" on Letterman last night. The show itself was one of the weakest shows I've seen from Letterman. That is until Dave held up the new Black Kids album (that's right. I said album. Meaning on vinyl) Partie Traumatic.

Biggie Tee over at The Urban Core did a live blog last night during letterman. Being all supercool and all down with the hipsters that he is. Biggie was able to get this email from Owen Holmes (Black Kids bassist) prior to the shows performance.

"Just finished soundcheck. Starting on the sour mash. Paul Shaffer
looks old as dirt. All the stage furniture is fucking dingy.
Thermostat is on 48 degrees.

Thanks for the bloggage — Sears gift certificate is in the mail

Wasn't it just a few short months ago these guy (and gals) were playing under the tin roof of the Burrito Gallery?

It would normally be easy to feel jealous or resentful for the Blacks Kids meteoric rise. But that is not the case with anyone who has met these kids. They without a doubt are the most down to earth and humble group you will meet. They have worked hard for a long time to get where they have. And I wish nothing but the best for the group. And I will also bet anyone, that no matter how much success the Black Kids attain. They (unlike others) will never turn their back on Jacksonville.