Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Buttery Surprise

I know have totally neglected you fellow blasphemers of late. My most humble apologies. Duty has been requiring all of my attention on other matters of J-ville goodness.

Every once in while, while just performing your daily routine you are handed a little karmic surprise. A gift that shakes you out of your routine and wakes you out of that trance one falls into when going about the mundane. This was mine.

As I gazed down in into this wonderful little surprise. My mind automatically began flipping through a mental rolodex of all those joyous occasions that is collected though life and one would associate with such an image. As memory after memory clicked by in a rapid 90's MTV, Nike commercial montage kinda way. It was with a broad smile and a warm heart that my minds eye pulled the file card of the little red headed girl and 48 hours of total lust and debauchery. Today's going to be good day. Thanks to a buttery surprise and my dear friend red.

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