Friday, May 23, 2008

Community, Community, Community Festival this Sunday

It's Memorial Day Monday so some of you should be off. Please come out and support your city, your community.

When: Sunday May 25, noon till 2am. 14 hours.

Where: The Pearl and the parking lot (so bike or carpool if possible)

What: A benefit show to raise money for The Springfield Community Food Garden located on north end of The Pearl's property, to collect cans and non perishable food item for Ultimate Picnic, a organization that feeds anyone that wants to eat. So come hungry for free food. There will be a bazaar/ tents/ booths set up in the parking lot for games, awareness, and workshops. There will also be tours of the community garden. Twelve bands will be playing inside The Pearl. The Pearl staff will be working serving with various drink specials.

Who: The people throwing the event are Jaxscene, Springfield Community Garden and Ultimate Picnic, with special thanks to The Pearl. The bands are Manatella, Tuffy, Wudun, Fruit Machine, Buffalo Tears, Heavy Flow, Tough Junkie, Lazerstar, Airport Factory, Helios Eye, Sharing Needles With Jesus, and America Del Sur.

Donate: Feeling charitable if you want to donate more to The Springfield Community Garden they need old or unneeded garden tools like rakes or shovels, trash cans, extra wood for building, nails, hammers, seeds and garden plants. Please don't buy anything new, the garden believes in being organic and reusing old unwanted items. I know Ultimate Picnic needs old plates, utensils, and cups. Your unwanted can goods and nonperishable food items. Once again nothing new.

Community, Community, Community, set list (second draft might change)
4:00pm wudun
4:50pm tuffy
5:40pm sharing needles with jesus
6:30pm helios eye
7:20pm airport factory
8:10pm manatella
9:00pm america del sur
9:50pm fruit machine
10:40pm buffalo tears
11:30pm heavy flow
12:20am tough junkie
1:10am lazerstar

Cost:$5 is the entry to get inside The Pearl to see the bands, all proceeds go to the community garden. You can also pay with can goods or non perishable food items. $1 off for every item. Bringing food items is encouraged. Bring extra if you feel charitable. The outside event is free.

Reposted from the fine folks over at JaxScene

The Secret to Long and Health Life

It turns out that that if you want to live a long heath life you only need do is follow the simple steps in this video. Or she could just have popcorn kernel stuck.

$100,000 Reward For Proof God Exists

Want to make some quick bucks? All you got to do is prove what no one has been able to do.

Prove that God:
created the world
created life
is sentient and intelligent
communicates with mankind
authored rules for mankind to live by
communicated consequences if mankind does not live by those rules

There may be a few other tidbits of information you'll need to collect you huge reward. You can find all need to know here.

Rocky Goes To Hollywood

Here's a great viral from a series of videos made to promote Levi's Jeans. It tells the story of Rocky, an orangutan struggling in life, trying to pursue a movie career in Hollywood. The video is absolutely wonderful.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blu - Street Art Taken to a "Whole Nother Leval."

This past weekend San Marco Theater held midnight showings of the movie Bomb It. This is not a review of the movie. I'll just leave it with stating that I enjoy it.

Graffiti and/or Street Art are different things to different people. For me, I can live without the tagging. Great, you can smooch your lettering together in such a way that they are near impossible to read. Nice job. You got mad skills. If it was 1979.

If what you're doing isn't enhancing the environment it is in. Can it really be considered art? The graffiti movement for the most part has figured this out and thankfully evolved over years. It has moved way past the simple tagging of one's name on the side of a building and into a full fledged art movement.

Today I came across this video of Graffiti/street artist Blu's incredible work called Muto. Painted on the streets of Buenos Aires and Baden, this video animation made of the drawings painted on the walls of the two cities. It took months to paint, film and edit. Once again Street art taken to whole new level.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tom Waits - Pehdtsckjmba

For what will most likely is a first for Jacksonville. On June 1st we will finally have a leg up on the big cites like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. We will for one night actually have art, music and culture rolled up in one very well worn pork pie hat. We will have Tom Waits in concert. That's right June 1st at the Moran Theater we (jacksonville) for at least one night, kick ass. Nana, nana, nu, nu.

I very seldom get excited about any musician or group in concert. But I don't consider Tom Waits a mere musician. He is a true artist in every since of the word. A lyrical poet that paints a vivid canvas with his music and prose in such a way that it forces you to reach out and touch it. Or be touched by it.

Tom's press conference about the tour is something else.

If you are not sure or don't know who Tom Waits is. One word. Google. You'll find plenty of his music online along with him and his videos on YouTube. I've gone ahead and saved you little time by providing one my favorites below.

If I forgot to mention it. Tom Waits is playing at:

Moran Theatre
Tuesday, July 1, 2008 @ 9:00 PM
Jacksonville, US

And for just a little taste of Tom and staying true to this blog. I give you Chocolate Jesus.

A Buttery Surprise

I know have totally neglected you fellow blasphemers of late. My most humble apologies. Duty has been requiring all of my attention on other matters of J-ville goodness.

Every once in while, while just performing your daily routine you are handed a little karmic surprise. A gift that shakes you out of your routine and wakes you out of that trance one falls into when going about the mundane. This was mine.

As I gazed down in into this wonderful little surprise. My mind automatically began flipping through a mental rolodex of all those joyous occasions that is collected though life and one would associate with such an image. As memory after memory clicked by in a rapid 90's MTV, Nike commercial montage kinda way. It was with a broad smile and a warm heart that my minds eye pulled the file card of the little red headed girl and 48 hours of total lust and debauchery. Today's going to be good day. Thanks to a buttery surprise and my dear friend red.