Monday, April 7, 2008

The Outer Box

With all the pissing, moaning and general insanity going on over at JaxCAL. It was only a matter of time before things started imploding. As a result Brian Grey has started a new blog for the art scene in Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

Brian's description of The Outer Box:
"The idea of The Outer Box is to show the world the awesome work of us southern artists. I am focusing on Jacksonville Florida artists first and foremost. Our town has a lot of local talent and The Outer Box will be here to show the world and the community who we are. This blog is here to display the work of those who think outside the box. I will be displaying interviews with both local Jacksonville artists and folks from outside Jacksonville as well. If you have an upcoming show please feel free to send me the info and I will gladly post it up for you. Browse through the site. Ill have information on local art galleries, gallery shows, and upcoming group shows here in Jacksonville. I want this to be a central location on the web where the outsider artist,urban art, graffiti, tagging, bombing, and illustrative artist can share there work with the public and inform/educate the masses about what we do."

1 comment:

Byron said...

it's really just a new direction for the site. you're welcome to be a contributor but you haven't posted anything in a while. i have enjoyed your posts.

pissing and moaning is not really what I would say was going on. sorry you feel that way.

seems the site is actually quite alive with the new change. and it's good that Brian has his own blog. so it's all good.

with the free for all on content it was hard to keep the content for the main site the direction I had envisioned for the site.

plus has far more features than the original site. wish you'd join and use them when you get a chance.

sorry if you consider a new direction pissing and moaning. but man if I haven't heard you piss and moan some in my lifetime so I guess we are both not guilty.