Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lawyer Hans G. Tanzler III is one of two appointees to the St. Johns River Water Management District's governing board.

I don't know about you. To me something about these current appointees to the St. Johns Water Management District stinks.
The article from from the Times-Union is short and to the point. But if you read it a little closer it speaks volumes.

"Jacksonville lawyer Hans G. Tanzler III and a citrus industry executive are the newest appointees to the St. Johns River Water Management District's governing board.

Tanzler, 56, president of Marion Equities, succeeds Duane Ottenstroer, a Jacksonville investor. Tanzler is the son of a former Jacksonville's mayor of the same name.

Douglas C. Bournique, 56, of Vero Beach succeeds William W. Kerr of Melbourne Beach, who is an environmental consultant. Bournique has been the executive vice president of the Indian River Citrus League for nearly 30 years and previously worked for the Florida Sugar Cane League, according to his application.

The board has been wrestling with the task of planning for water demands for the district, which stretches from south of Orlando to Nassau County.

The district is considering allowing some Central Florida utilities to siphon water from the St. Johns River, which has met with growing opposition in downstream communities to the north.

Gov. Charlie Crist announced the four-year appointments Tuesday. They require state Senate confirmation

Lets see if we can break this down a little bit. You have Tanzler, President of an equities company. Yep, highly qualified in the field of environmental management. Who is replacing a "private investor" that was appointed not once, but twice.

The second appointee Bournique, has spent 30 years working for a Central Florida citrus grower. And before that work in the Sugar Cane Industry. I don't know how knowledgeable you are about agriculture in Florida. If not, big sugar is one of most thuggish, bullying political powers not only in our state but also nationally. Not to mention one of, if not the biggest industrial polluters to Florida waters.

Bournique is replacing William W. Kerr. An ecologist, Kerr was the only person on the board with any type environmental background and degree.

So let us see what the make up of the new Water Management Board consist of.

The Chairman of a Holdings Company.
Chief human resources officer for JEA.
A civic activist.
A forestry consultant.
Seminole County Supervisor of Elections.
A guy that has no job listed but was an original member of the Friends of the St. Johns River.
Manager of Jones Turf Grass Farm.
Plus the 2 named in the story.

I ask you, other than the forester and the guy with no job and an extensive resume sitting on boards. Why are these guys deciding the fate of our water management? None of them have any type background for this type of service. Does anyone really think that the manager of a central Florida Turf Grass company or a 30 year veteran of a Central Florida Citrus grower have North Florida's best interest in mind? And the rest I'm guessing are on the board just to rub their noses in rectal areas of those with political powers.

These latest appointments still have to be confirmed by state Senate. And they will be. Unless of course you take few minute and call or email your state Senator and demand qualified individuals with backgrounds and degrees in environmental sciences.

And Support The St. Johns Riverkeeper.

UPDATE: Read St. Johns Riverkeeper's Take on Appointees.


Wordnerdy said...

Yeah, but Tanzler3 is the son of the former mayor who went skiing or swimming in the river just to prove how clean it was. That *totally* makes him knowledgeable.

I've read stories down here about siphoning the river. The paper seems to support. I hate it, of course, but I'm not on the editorial board. Of course a citrus grower will support it.

Have you seen how small the river is down here? It looks more like a creek. Nothing like the gap at Orange Park and Mandarin. And people sell airboat rides. I've considered taking one, but stop when I think of the pollution it will cause.

URBISMUS said...

i visited the east river over in dumbo last week. at the brooklyn bridge state park. it looked really nice, beautiful. they say its quite clean. but isat for a while admiring it and my wife said. its not that great, dont be overwhelmed by this city of 10 million. she said shed take jax over it any day!! i remember her first day in jax, after leaving nyc, she cried. we are fortunate to have the st. johns river, i hope we can fight for whats the best for our river! i miss that river right now.

Kevin said...

You need to complain to the legislature, the law [§ 373.073, FS] states: "Membership on governing boards shall be selected from candidates who have significant experience in one or more of the following areas, including, but not limited to: agriculture, the development industry, local government, government-owned or privately owned water utilities, law, civil engineering, environmental science, hydrology, accounting, or financial businesses." I believe all of the GB members fit into one of these broad categories.

Universal Remodeling and Handyman Services said...

Wow that is it?
I like the fact that someone posted some Florida Statute, I haven't gotten into this fully but this post is old. I am in the Northern part of Florida on the River. So who's on the boards now, What are their plans. How is the aquifer? I like looking into stuff and doing something that has merit, like keeping special interest groups out of our local lives. E mail me would like toknow more about this blog.