Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Incredible P-Mate

Now that you ladies have recovered and are streamlined thanks to the previous post. You are going to want to get outside enjoy all your newly found aerodynamic smoothness. But there has always been that nagging question of what to do when nature calls during your outings. Whether you are hiking in the woods, taking in a concert or any type of public outing your choices were pretty clear. Squat in the woods or do that hover thing in a port-a-potty or public restroom.

Now you can relax. For the greatest invention of the new millennium has arrived. The P-Mate.

"The P-Mate is a portable urinating device that allows women to urinate standing up whenever they need to, without losing their dignity and more effectively angle urine samples into testing cups. Easy and hygienic, the device is made from recycled flat-packed cardboard and permits women to direct the urine stream comfortably instead of blindly over a toilet."

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